Culloden Medical Practice

01463 793777


Child Health Clinics

Mondays: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Health Visitor drop in, no appointment necessary at Culloden Clinic

Time Out for Mums

Thursdays: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Mum and baby group at Culloden Clinic

Child Health Programme

The Practice offers a full and comprehensive immunisation programme. Please see attached timetable for detailed information.

These Clinics are run every week by Joan Fraser, Primary Care Nurse at the Practice. Parents will be contacted directly when their child’s vaccinations are due by Child Health and you are asked to make an appointment to see Joan at her Baby Clinic.

Antenatal Clinic

Wednesdays and Thursdays (1.00pm – 3.00pm)

Run by the Community Midwives at the Culloden Clinic.

Baby Massage

Call 706700 to book a five week course.


Appointments can be made with our Primary Care Nurse Joan Fraser.

Patients suffering from Asthma recieve optimum treatment which is tailored to their individual needs and thereby minimises symptoms.

This is achieved by:
a) Giving information about the condition and it’s treatment, enabling patients to better understand the condition and it’s treatment.
b) Monitoring symptoms, peak flow rate and treatment.
c) Providing a self- management plan for use if asthma deteriorates.
d) Discussing any concerns the patient may have. Patients are encouraged to attend the clinic regularly. is a very helpful site for those seeking help and information on Asthma.


Appointments can be made to see Debra, Health Care Assistant, who will carry out your blood tests, blood pressure, urine test and weight. They will then make an appointment for you to see our Primary Care Nurse Joan, if this is felt to be necessary.

We aim to help patients with diabetes to achieve good diabetic control and so decrease the risk of potential complications.

Information is given about diabetes and the treatment in order to enhance patients’ understanding of diabetes and self care. Advice is given about dietary requirements, the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyle in maintaining good blood glucose control. Instruction can be given in self monitoring of blood glucose levels. Regular monitoring of the condition is carried out to ensure appropriate treatment and early detection of complications that may arise. Blood pressure, urine, eyes, circulation and weight are some of the checks carried out. A recall system is in place and patients are reminded when they are due for review. is a very helpful site for those seeking information on Diabetes.


Are you going on holiday? – are you unsure of what vaccinations you require? Please download and complete a short travel questionnaire and hand into the Practice. You will be contacted by letter or telephone if you require any vaccination. An appointment will be made with Joan who will go over this in more detail with you.

Other clinics

Our Practice Nursing Team offer clinics for COPD, Hypertension, Stroke and Coronary Heart Disease. To be seen at these Clinics, please telephone the Practice and our staff will make a suitable appointment with the appropriate member of the Nursing staff. If you require to be seen just for a blood test, your appointment will be made with our Health Care Assistant.

Joan also see patients with “minor ailments”, for example, chest infections, urine infections and many other “minor” complaints. If you feel she could help you rather than a Doctor, please telephone the Practice for an appointment.


You can download a copy of the Podiatry Self Referral Form here and send directly to the address given.  You do not need to be seen by a GP/Nurse first.


We know have access to a Practice based Physiotherapist.  Telephone appointments are being made via our reception staff.  Please contact the Practice to make a telephone appointment.