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A chaperone is a person who is present during a physical examination as a safeguard for all parties (patient and practitioner).  You will be offered a chaperone for any intimate examination required by the GP, nurse or healthcare assistant.  This is standard practice.  A chaperone is usually another healthcare professional but can be a fully trained member of office staff.  The chaperone will have had training in maintaining confidentiality.  You can decline the offer of a chaperone if you are happy for the examination to proceed without one.  If you are booking an appointment for where you know you will require an intimate examination (examples include: cervical smear/ rectal examination/ vaginal examination/ breast examination/ penile/ testicular examination), you may ask for a chaperone to be present and we can arrange in advance for one to be present.  During an ECG (electro-cardiogram) test you will be required to remove clothing from the upper half of your body whilst the leads are being attached so will be offered the presence of a chaperone for this too.

Date published: 22 May 2023
Date last updated: 21 May 2024